Is Getting a Videographer for Your Wedding Worth it?

Weddings are probably the most important event in anyone’s lifetime. Compared to every other event that involves you, it clearly stands out in terms of significance. Let’s look at it this way, when you were born, you obviously know nothing about how it was celebrated and you have no single memory of it. Your birthdays are great and significant, but the fact that you can always have a repeat annually takes a little bit of shine off it. When you die, other people would arrange your funerals and say the nice words to be said there, you won’t even get to see it. However, weddings are all about you. Your actions are what led to the process of getting married, and you are largely responsible for the planning. It is also a once in a lifetime thing and this means, it must be perfect.

Now, one of the questions people ask themselves when planning to get married is, do I need to get a videographer for my wedding? It is good to consider your options when trying to get married as weddings are quite costly and there is the need to spend smart if you don’t want to go totally broke after your wedding. However, there are some important things you cannot afford to leave unattended. One of them is hiring a videographer. Now, a lot of people have said once you have a photographer, why waste more resources on a videographer again? If someone has said this to you already and you are planning to get only a photographer for your wedding, the simple thing we would tell you is, please don’t. If at this age and time, you have a wedding and didn’t hire a videographer, you would most likely regret it in another few years, and that’s the truth. Wedding videos add a lot to the wedding. You might not value it very much now, but in the next few months or years after your wedding, you would understand what an important decision you have made by hiring a videographer. If you are still not convinced you need a videographer for your wedding, check out some of the reasons why you need wedding video below.

Videos Capture Movement and Sounds

One distinct advantage that comes with hiring a videographer for your wedding is that, unlike photos which only show still images, videos captures movement and sounds. It is true that you would see the live band at your wedding in a picture and your photographer would have probably captured you dancing to the songs. However, if you want to see more and remember the lyrics of the songs or how electrifying the tone of the singer was or how emotional you got listening, you can’t probably see this on a picture, you would need a video to see those movements and sounds. This is one of the reasons you need to hire a good videographer for your wedding.

Videos Cover More Detail of the Event

A great photographer might be able to capture all the highlights of the event, the moment you said I do, the first kiss, the emotions shown by your parents, the first dance, that amazing laughter between you and your spouse, etc. In spite of this, you would be missing out on a lot of details if you rely on the pictures only. A wedding day is always busy, and you would probably miss out on a lot of things from where you were. Even some of the things that happened to you and the people close to you could be missed unless you have a videographer. It is true that you saw a picture showing your mum getting emotional at a point, but do you actually understand the reason she got emotional? You never can tell how awkward it is kissing in front of strangers. Can you actually capture the real look on your face and that of your spouse after the first kiss and what the people around did at that moment? A wedding video would capture all of these moments in one piece.

Videos Allow You to Relive Your Wedding

Pictures are a means to keep memories of events, but videos take that to a whole new level. Wedding videos give you the chance to go back and catch up with the events of your weddings whenever you wish to. Whatever aspect you wish to know in details, you only need to play the video. You can also show it to your children and grand children in the future and you would have a nice time talking and laughing about your dance steps, expressions and every aspect of your wedding.

If you are currently in Canberra and planning towards your wedding, you can’t afford to make the mistake of failing to have a wedding video, you will regret it when you wish to revisit some aspects of the day and you can’t because you didn’t capture it in a video. Take the simple step of getting a videographer for your wedding today, and you’ll be thankful for the decision years after. Book your Canberra wedding video with Brown House today.