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Wedding Videography  

Brown House is intent on capturing those special moments, interactions and feelings from your wedding day. We have been making films for five years in Canberra and around the world and we would love to be able to use our talent to produce a cinematic wedding film for you. 
We believe that for every unique story, there should be an equally beautiful unique, bespoke wedding video. Let us create a cinematic film that you, and your family can cherish for the rest of your life. We will be a fly on the wall, capturing every beautiful moment from your wedding day. 
Our process is simple and makes for stunning, cinematic wedding video results. We tell your individual story by utilising the sounds from the day (wedding speeches, music, laughs) and cut it with the footage from the day to produce a beautiful film. The film will feature those unique moments that will often be swept away unless they are captured on film.
We like operate as ‘fly on the wall’ wedding videographers, this means a lot less hassle for you. We work hard to get every angle to make your video as special and captivating as possible. 

Real Estate Videography

Need Canberra Real Estate Videography? 

We are proud to offer our services to the ACT and surrounds, get in touch today and get your property sold through use of video. 



A strong passion for emotive storytelling through video has ensued consistent development of our craft, preferring not to settle for a particular formula but to adapt and welcome unique projects. We can create wedding films, event recaps, or marketing videos for your business. 

Event Videography  

As well as providing wedding video services, Brown House also holds the capability to provide event videography services for any event, big or small. Let us capture the vibe of your event and show it off with an edit suited to your tastes. 

Business Videography

Let us enable you to establish a connection with your customer on an emotive level while also demonstrating the functions and features of your product or service. We use emotive storytelling not just in weddings and events, but in business too. 
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